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We have owned 8 years experience in Garment accessories field for local markets in Guangzhou city and Guangzhou AJE.Garment Accessories Co.,Ltd was established in 2016 year for international markets .We mainly produce Hang Tags, Woven Labels ,Embroidery Patches, String Seals ,Buttons and Gift Box products . 
We have state-of-the-art equipment: 65 embroidery machine(Barudan & Tajima), 55 woven liable machines(Vaupel, MEI & Muller) and 12 shuttle embroidery machines(Saurer). Besides, we also have many other kinds of peripheral machines such as laser-cut machine.
We collected rich experience to handle customers from different countries. We believe that our expertise can help to fulfill your requirements. As a developing company, we are seeking for strategic business partners to grow together. And our company promises to provide high quality products at most competitive price. We sincerely invite you to work with us and our service team is always ready to serve you!


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Contact: 唐总

Phone: 18588889343

Tel: 0755-21018134

Add: 2 #Zhufen East Street , Shiji Town, Panyu District ,Guangzhou City of China

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